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2011-02-19 20:24:12 by FreestyleFriday

Its been a couple weeks and my first submission has not been uploaded? What kind of website is this? This other guy only had to wait a couple days!!?!?!


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2011-02-19 22:15:09

If you're waiting for an audio submission to be approved, try sending a PM to one of NG's audio moderators. Make sure you mention how long you've been waiting. If you do that, you probably won't be waiting much longer.

A list of all the moderators can be found in the NG FAQ ( Under "Site Moderation," click "Moderators."


2011-02-19 22:15:31

i assume you are talking about audio and it takes a while for approval, some longer than others. There aren't very many audio moderators and tons of you. Hell with many moderators quitting their jobs there are less everyday. i recall us losing at least maybe 2-3 mods just last year AND this year.
Still the few that show up pay attention if you ask them. it's how i got mine approved the same day.
Start a topic here, you will get their attention. 3


2011-02-21 17:06:10

It's all up now. Now to let all the Frees fly!!!



2011-02-24 22:05:50

awesome first submission mothafuckaz!! diggin it